The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis Predicted by Ron Paul

Our arrogance promoted an American empire backed by the most powerful military-industrial complex in the world. The military globalist intervention creates more problems for all citizens of the world as much as it maintain stability and peace. However, our personal liberties have been trashed, here, at home in the last decade. Ron Paul outlined the history of the current economic crisis, since the inception of the Federal Reserve system, the creation of the Monetary system after WWII, and the evolution of the “economic bubble”.

Democracy Is Not A Playground

The world is witnessing a break down of the ruling-class legitimacy. The immense structural inequalities in the world can no longer be maintained through social control. People are taking out their anger on the streets about rising unemployment, the high costs of living, and the political injustices done to them by their own governments. The established order can no longer maintain itself where the wealthy profited off the systems periphery. Many factors comes into play and most importantly it is because of the relationship between “Debt” and “Credit” that the world is at the brink of economic collapse.