Building Global Democracies

We can create a world that eschews war and societal conflict over cultural differences, and it is possible under a capitalist system with social protection against abuses within the system. What sets the United States apart from the rest of the world is its democracy. America is a melting pot—a mix of cultures—where people from the rest of the world comes to the United States to share innovative ideas and pursue a dream of success and freedom from oppression—to create a new way of life. The United States can lead the rest of the world in building global democratic governance open to trade, human rights, and development.

Democracy Is Not A Playground

The world is witnessing a break down of the ruling-class legitimacy. The immense structural inequalities in the world can no longer be maintained through social control. People are taking out their anger on the streets about rising unemployment, the high costs of living, and the political injustices done to them by their own governments. The established order can no longer maintain itself where the wealthy profited off the systems periphery. Many factors comes into play and most importantly it is because of the relationship between “Debt” and “Credit” that the world is at the brink of economic collapse.

Why the West Is Now In Decline

With the rising cost of oil, the U.S. continues to consume with abandon, undermining their economic independence. If America doesn’t remain the symbol for democracy, economic freedom, and scientific innovation, collapse is unavoidable. The West will be forced to change strategy, and learn to adapt to the emergence of the developing countries that has shaken the world.