Ambassador for Chicago 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser

4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser

I’m honored as the Ambassador for the City of Chicago 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser—followed by a special recommendation from LinkedIn. I’m also humbled by the experience promoting the 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser in Chicago. It’s such a beautiful event, intimate, and endearing for all the right reasons appealing to the senses that makes one appreciate being alive. The Breast Cancer Fundraiser is a 501c3 nonprofit public charity that reaches out to young professionals to host a simple cocktail party where friends could have a good time while giving back to an important cause—sparking a true “grass-roots” movement all over the U.S. In Chicago, on August 7, 2015 at Parliament, more than $1,000 dollars raised in funds benefited the “Whole Women Health” program at Mercy Hospital—in support of strong and beautiful women surviving their battle with breast cancer. I greatly appreciate friends who helped spread the word and donated to the event to support the 4th Annual Breast Cancer Fundraiser. The result made a difference.

The reason why I support this cause is because I empathized with the feeling of losing loved ones to an illness like Cancer. From that understanding of the pain experienced by loved ones closest to you, I connected to the countless women who suffered through their own illness. The news about having breast cancer often comes as a shock. Joan Didion eloquently phrased it as, “Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.”

Like a broken dream, you’re incomplete as the end is near, but there’s an enduring love that’s never missing, keeps you going and fighting to stay alive, to see, to live, to breathe again. From weakness strength is born. Surviving through the suffering that no one else could feel so deeply to become the strong woman you are today. Silence is golden. You are a survivor.

Thank you @theBCF and @LinkedIn

Democracy Is Not A Playground

The world is witnessing a break down of the ruling-class legitimacy. The immense structural inequalities in the world can no longer be maintained through social control. People are taking out their anger on the streets about rising unemployment, the high costs of living, and the political injustices done to them by their own governments. The established order can no longer maintain itself where the wealthy profited off the systems periphery. Many factors comes into play and most importantly it is because of the relationship between “Debt” and “Credit” that the world is at the brink of economic collapse.

The Changing Labor Market in the US Economy

The Atlantic magazine came out with a news article about the Rise of the New Global ElitesThe decline of the West started with the rise of the developing world. A US-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge fund told a writer for the Atlantic that the hollowing out of the American middle class didn’t really matter, if the transformation of the world economy lifts people out of poverty into the middle class. On a very serious note, it’s harder to argue that an American is inherently more important than someone from the developing world.

In a Plutonomy there is no such animal as “the U.S. consumer” or “the UK consumer”, or indeed the “Russian consumer”. There are rich consumers, few in number, but disproportionate in the gigantic slice of income and consumption they take. There are the rest, the “non-rich”, the multitudinous many, but only accounting for surprisingly small bites of the national pie.