School, Life, the Pursuit of Higher Education

“We must have a sense of the future. The only thing that’s real is now. The now’s to come are going to be as real for the people living in the next century.” – Al Gore


My goal is to finish my education. Perhaps one day becoming a Political Economist. I would like to work as a business consultant for corporate enterprises in regards to building sustainable practices. I’ve named my focus area Global Business. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws on political science, economics, psychology, and cultural studies. The relationships between political and economic power are thought to be overly complex and inter-related. The course work focuses on how global economies are interdependent and connected. I will explore the relationship between trade, global markets, development, and the structures between states and institutions.

The program is writing intensive and focuses on the rationale for data, analysis, and academic research. The idea is that finishing at a steady pace will allow me to fully develop my intellectual ability and myself on a personal level. My goal is to change those depressive anxieties of navigating an all too uncertain environment into living a much healthier lifestyle. Earning a degree in the Liberal Arts is worth much less than one would expect from earning an MBA. But, I’m pursuing my passions in a social, political, and economic context.

Perhaps you’re wondering where I’m going with this Blog? It’s a personal legacy –the Dream. Much later, I will be able to go back and connect the dots.

“Anything is possible.”

Global movements happen once every century. I hope to capture this historical moment through my academic major and this blog.