The Founder of Factual, Gilad Elbaz

 A global database management system where knowledge and information is accessible at the touch of a button is a desirable objective for big data. That limitless potential is already here. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia of everything knowledge based, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine, the debut of Apple Watch with its Iphone6 heart-shaped Health App has potential, and then there is Google search engine supportive of open source educationIn the world of startups, data and analytics is a booming business.

Gilad Elbaz, Founder of FactualMr. Gilad Elbatz and a Caltech friend founded a company called Applied Semantics. Applied Semantics software quickly scanned thousands of Web pages for their meaning. By parsing content, it could tell businesses what kind of ads would work well on a particular page. It had 45 employees and was profitable when Google acquired it in 2003 for $102 million in cash and pre-I.P.O. stock.

In 2007, Elbaz left Google and decided to start Factual, a venture backed firm by Andreessen Horowitz, with the idea to change the world. The next big idea of Gilad Elbaz is the data collection of peoples genetic information. “What they ate, when and where they exercised — ideally, for everyone on the planet, now and forever. I want to figure out a way,” he says, “to get people to leave their data to Science.” I know exactly what Mr. Elbaz is thinking, however difficult such a futurist vision is, when people religiously hold on to their health DATA as secured information in order to protect their own privacy.