Cape Verde Music, The Songstress Mayra Andrade

The music is a mixture of Afro-Latin compa. For those whom are not aware, Cape Verde is a small island located off the western coast of Africa. The mixture and diversity reminded me of my own island of birth in the West Indies. I had a 45 minute lunch break when I worked at Starbucks during a double shift. I enjoyed a cup of coffee. Then, a much older gentleman joined me for a conversation. He was a grandfatherly like figure. A strange man from Spain. We talked about geopolitics, the fate of Africa, and the role of black people in general as second class citizens.

Myra Andrade

The senior man from Spain had a sense of humor and said, the world needs black people to keep the world more interesting.” His comments referred to the people of color contributions in the Arts and Sciences. Now, this man had travelled the world. He is well known in France in prominent circles. I confided about my planned trip to Chicago in 2008 just before Obama’s Presidential electoral win. Not to disclose everything said in our conversation, his words of wisdom remained with me ever since our chance encounter at Starbucks, “move before the weeds grows on you, before you cannot make the next move.”  I remembered the most his musical taste in the rhythm and sounds of Mayra Andrade. Listen to her audio in French (videos 1-4 is located on youtube):