The “Obama Girl” in Red Coat

Chinese Obama Girl

I liked Wang Zifei. You can tell a lot about a woman through her demeanor, her smile, the roundness of her face, sharp tones, the way she crosses her legs, fold her hands…. mannerisms. She is beautiful, clever, intelligent, sympathetic, and serious … cut from the  same cloth to become a formidable business woman. Sometimes, I can recognize in another what I see in myself, a poised and yet charming demeanor that may at times cause in others hateful sentiments, a sense of rivalry, or the female insecurity of feeling threatened. Wang Zifei may have the personality for the entertainment industry, it requires a face of softness and a heart of steel. Her blog post reaction, instead of silence over the matter, speaks for itself. Those are my personal opinions.

“Entertainment news is like drinking tea, first time is like washing tea leafs, no one really cares but in the end it gets weaker and weaker.” -Wang Zifei

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Those are the same confident eyes that demanded the presidents attention and had the privilege of shaking the hands of President Obama. Sometimes, things that are not planned are intentional whether knowingly or not.