Democracy Is Not A Playground

The world is witnessing a break down of the ruling-class legitimacy. The immense structural inequalities in the world can no longer be maintained through social control. People are taking out their anger on the streets about rising unemployment, the high costs of living, and the political injustices done to them by their own governments. The established order can no longer maintain itself where the wealthy profited off the systems periphery. Many factors comes into play and most importantly it is because of the relationship between “Debt” and “Credit” that the world is at the brink of economic collapse.

Photograph of a protest outside the
World Economic Forum posted on Weibo, a Chinese blogging site.

“Things are being valued

. . . and people used.”

The capitalist order ignored behavioral changes in the market participants—that want a more humane form of capitalism based on utility. The world is now at the precipice of unsustainable economies and sustaining economies with a resource curse. What makes “fine-tuning” of the global economy more difficult than ever before is that the problems are three folds: first it is an ecological crisis, second it is a financial crisis, and third there’s a real danger of societal collapse. The global financial crisis is an ecological crisis in nature. The ecological balance is at stake.

Men take too much resource from the earth without replenishing the earth—reap what they sow from their own corruption. There are many skeptics in American society that believed unrest could never happen inside the United States over the general decline of the middle-class—ushered in by the rise of the new global elites. The Occupy Movement happened. The Economist Jeffrey Sach talked to his students about the US financial crisis:


We are entering a Brave New World. . . . 

The shift in power realignments did not begin with the Arab Spring where Tunisia and Egypt overthrew decades of autocratic rule—led by Western imperialist powers. The unrest has been going on for well over a decade at every G8 Summit, DAVOS World Economic Forum, and meetings held among global leaders. Anarchists, Environmentalists, and Social Activists hold their placards in protest, because they sense a crisis is on the horizon. The change might not include them. They have no idea what that change is, but they demand it includes them—a global democracy and freedom against growing wealth inequalities. The movement was born out of a series of movement(s) and it is everywhere, growing exponentially—at the turn of the 21st Century.

Welcome to the Brave New World.