Definition of Greatness

People want to live successful lives, have a well-to-do profession, find a rare love, get married and raise a family, have fame and fortune, change the world or be remembered in the history books, confined by their own conformity or live in a false sense of security. I have no favor to be desired, loved, honored as a renowned intellectual, ridiculed by critics or admired by peers. I want to live my life as I see fit, satisfy my intellectual – sexual – spiritual gratifications, not the doldrums of a monotonous existence. My definition of greatness is to wake up every morning with a philosophical thought… that is greatness. Experiencing a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment every waking day to be revitalized. As men desire infatuation with an intellectual mind or sexual prowess of a curvaceous woman, I desire freedom… When you’re feeling completely free, you can create, and this power to create is, in turn, the greatest freedom of all… The definite-obstinate purpose I have set for my lifetime, it does not matter the length of time or age in years but the end destination, is to travel the world without expense depending upon other cultures tradition of hospitality, settle down within the comfort of an art studio, a separate work area for my collection of hard-bound books, a notebook to write the hours away of intellectual thoughts for publication, and a committed document for a beloved to publish my Memoir, a commentary about the lifetime in which I’ve lived explicit in portrayal. I am nothing, yet “I am everything that I have thought.” This insatiable passion of mine is the desire to live a simple life as I see fit.